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—Starred Review, The School Library Journal:

[P]rovides glimpses of hope for those willing to leave violence behind. Most riveting are the stories, poetry and reflections of the diverse young people who are incarcerated. That people from urban, suburban, poor and middle-class environments are represented reinforces the validity of the work. 


I am an 8th-grade teacher on the near west side of Chicago. I teach in a neighborhood full of gangs, crime, and drugs. All of my students are at least three years behind in reading. This book was a godsend. Even my most reluctant reader couldn't put this book down, and eventually the kids were fighting over it. I have recommended this book time and time again to teachers to scare students to get their lives together...


Bode and Mack have come up with a real eye-opener...without sugarcoating.

Voya (Voice of youth services):

Heartbreakingly, this book rings true.

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