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Stan Mack pioneered a documentary style of cartooning with his notorious New York comic strip "Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies," which ran in The Village Voice. His "Stan Mack’s Out-takes" for Adweek magazine and "Stan Mack’s RealMAD" for MediaPost covered the world of media. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and a former art director of The New York Times Sunday Magazine.

He's written and/or illustrated dozens of books, including: for adults, Janet & Me: An Illustrated Story of Love and Loss and The Story of the Jews: A 4,000 Year Adventure. For young people: with Susan Champlin, the historical graphic novels Road to Revolution! and Fight for Freedom, and with Janet Bode, Hard Time: A Real Life Look at Juvenile Crime and Violence. For children: Ten Bears in My Bed and, with Gail Kredenser, One Dancing Drum.


The co-author of Road to Revolution! and Fight For Freedom, Susan Champlin is a former freelance writer-editor who has recently received her Master's in Education with a focus on teaching students who are deaf or hard of hearing. She is an itinerant teacher in the Bronx. Previously, she has been on the staff of a number of magazines, including People and Bon Appétit, and has edited six cookbooks. She writes the blog "What Would Katharine Hepburn Do?" at


by Stan Mack and Susan Champlin



Sam is a smart young house slave. Annabelle is the sweet daughter of a wealthy family. Their worlds couldn't be more different—even though they live on the same plantation. Sam's father has been taken to labor for the Confederate Army, and Sam escapes to find him. Annabelle's father dies in battle, leaving Annabelle and her mother to care for their home alone. Meanwhile, the fighting of the Civil War is moving closer, and the plantation is in the path of the fighting. As Sam struggles to survive as a free man and Annabelle tries to find the courage to save her home, fate pulls them both into important and unexpected roles in the war. And when their paths cross again, their actions will change each other's lives!


Fight for Freedom is a 2012 Junior Library Guild selection.


by Stan Mack



While today's politicians reverently invoke democracy, freedom, and "the American People," Taxes, The Tea Party, and those Revolting Rebels, published by NBM, takes you on a hilarious ride back to the wild-eyed origins of these concepts. And it brings to life the loud, contentious, and decidedly messy process that birthed the United States of America.


History Book Club:
...[A]t the heart of the story are the rebellious and misunderstood colonists themselves, whose disaffection ultimately drove the fledgling nation to war—and who emerge here as the main players in the drama.


***An excellent teachers guide for "Taxes..." is now available here.


***Also read my blog linking today's politics with "Taxes..."


by Stan Mack and Susan Champlin



Nick is an orphan who gets by on his wits and whatever he can steal. Penny is the daughter of a tavern owner and knows the meaning of honest work. Though from completely different backgrounds—and despite their instant dislike for each other—they do have one thing in common: They both want the British out of Boston! When a chance encounter brings them together, Nick and Penny see a way to help the patriots. But first they’ll have to earn the trust of some of America’s great revolutionaries—including Paul Revere and Dr. Joseph Warren—and muster the courage to confront innumerable dangers.


Action packed, laced with humor, and visually dynamic for today’s readers, Road to Revolution! cleverly intertwines fact and fiction for an unprecedented view of American history.


...readers get both a lesson in the beginnings of the Revolution and an exciting series of historical adventures. As Nick assists Paul Revere with his crucial midnight ride and Penny engages in dangerous spy work, young readers will get a powerful sense of the high stakes of these pivotal events. Mack’s art, clean and uncomplicated, renders period details and emotions quite evocatively and goes a long way to putting a human face on history.


by Stan Mack

(Simon & Schuster)


In words and drawings both candid and human, Stan Mack follows his 18-year relationship with Janet Bode—a lighthearted fling that beat the odds to become an enduring love affair. The only thing they couldn't beat was cancer. For anyone who can't resist a beautifully told love story, for anyone who is touched by someone suffering from serious illness and looking for emotional and practical guidance, and for anyone who appreciates a life lived to the fullest, Janet & Me will resonate long after the last page is turned.

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