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This hardcover version signed available for purchase here. Revolting Rebels softcover available from Amazon $18.

Publishers Weekly:

Cartoonist and social chronicler Mack's thoroughly researched history...offers a spectacular, unvarnished account that runs counter to the mythology-as-history often taught in American schools.


—starred review, Library Journal:

endearingly irreverent and well-researched. While excellent for classroom-centered tweens and teens, these revolting rebels should star in all adult collections, too...


Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing:

This humanized account of the dawn of the American project is a beautiful piece of work, and a strong tonic against the whitewash of history. There's bravery, and sacrifice, and cunning and resolve. But with the founders' failings and flaws on display, we can see that America's problems have been there since the start.

Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin:

Mack tells his story crisply, with just the right touch of irreverence...

Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Mack's loose cartoony art captures its loudly contentious cast without either mythologizing or condescending to them.

Download the teachers guide by Stan Brimberg of the School for Children, Bank Street College, NYC.

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