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Available for purchaase here. New, softcover, signed.

Historical graphic novel for ages 8-14. Sam and Annabelle have grown up together on a Virginia plantation—but Sam is the son of slaves, and Annabelle is the plantation owner's daughter. Now war has come to their doors, and both must take dangerous action, with some timely guidance from Abraham Lincoln. Researched on location and approved by teachers, Civil War historians, and experts in African-American history.


When the people in this graphic novel get into a fight, they go "ACK!" and "POW" and "G-R-R-R-R," yet the book makes for surprisingly credible history. [L]ike the best movie characters, [the heroes] have narrow escapes and sensational battles that readers will want to follow to the last scene. [T]hese are stars, and many readers will stay with them through the next volume. A graphic-novel series that aims to draw in reluctant historians; it looks like it may well achieve its goal.


Mack's simple, cartoony art provides a little humor to lighten the mostly serious story. This graphic novel personalizes the plight of slavery and the quiet determination with which many slaves and their allies worked for freedom. 


JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD: A Spring 2012 selection for middle grades.

Nominated: YALSA's Great Graphic Novels for Teens list

Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People 2010

A Tri-State Young Adult Review Committee Book of Note

Bank Street Children's Best Book of the Year

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