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Publishers Weekly:

[Mack's] formidable talents as a storyteller, amateur historian and bravura cartoonist make for a very entertaining (and informative) dash through Jewish history.

Eric Alterman, Salon Media Circus:
...wonderfully subversive. Mack deals with all the conflicts of class, sex and power that have traditionally riven Jewish communities. He catches not only the important events of Jewish history, but also much of the endless mishegoss that surrounds them, for those with an interest in the subject but without the patience to read a thousand or so pages. Who could have imagined that 4,000 years of Jewish history could be fun to read about? While Mack is necessarily reductive, he doesn't sugarcoat for the sake of Sunday school sales.

Amanda Borschel, The Jerusalem Post:
Delightfully whimsical, yet incredibly informative, Mack has outlined the major trends of Jewish history—comic book style...While making fun of every flavor of Judaism throughout the ages, Mack is surprisingly culturally sensitive. He often goes out of his way to mention lesser-known influential female historical characters...Serious subjects are handled with simple sensitivity, and even the youngest children can gain their import...Mack gives a human, and often humorous, face to "the astonishing history of the Jews."

Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons:
Funny and original, and it won't take 4,00 years to read.



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