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may 21, 2019, the online news service 'axios' ran a piece by steph kight listing some u.s. demographic changes in the coming years: immigrants will have a crucial role in carrying the u.s.' economic load. islam will surpass judaism as the second most popular religion. people of two or more races are projected to be the fastest growing group. and, next year, the under-18 population will be majority non-white.

in 1929, focusing on muncie, indiana, sociologists robert and helen lynd published a groundbreaking study: 'middletown,' which examined small-town american life.

in 1982, pbs aired peter davis' emmy-winning documentary series, 'middletown,' an in-depth look at the evolution of small-town america, seen through the lens of muncie, indiana.

also, in '82, pbs magazine 'the dial' ran a companion commentary by novelist stanley elkin. 'the dial' sent me to muncie to illustrate his piece. here are are a few examples:

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